AN Adapters

Replace Your AN Nut with Our Easy-to-Use Adapters 

AN Oil Valve Adapter: Rotax Assembly | Saf-Air - push-fuel-drain1(1)

Our AN oil valve adapter assemblies replace your aircraft's AN nut, giving the operator total control during an oil change.

This assembly uses a 5/8–18 oil drain valve part number A62-INV. The oil drain valve is secured to the adapter which is then secured to the AN fitting. Adapter part numbers are as follows: AN10-INV, AN8-INV, and AN6-INV. Opener is included with valve.

Experimental use only.

AN Oil Valve Adapter: Rotax Assembly | Saf-Air - rotax-oil-drain-adapter

Rotax Oil Valve/Adapter Assembly

During 2014 Rotax made a change to the internal construction of its oil tank. This change does not allow enough room for an oil drain valve to open fully and drain the hot oil. We have designed an adapter to fix this problem and still allow the M12175 oil drain valve to be used. The part number for the adapter is RM12175. Engines made by Rotax prior to 2014 do not need the adapter and you will continue to use the original M12175 valve.

Experimental use only.

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