Bladder Valves

Bladder Tank Valve Assembly for the Piper, Beechcraft or Cessna

Aviation Bladder Valves: Fuel Drain Valve Replacement | Saf-Air - bladder2

Our bladder tank valve kit was designed to replace any existing fuel drain valve on your Piper, Beechcraft or Cessna aircraft, with a minimal amount of work. 

This installation kit design has a major advantage over traditional-style drain valves. When a sample is taken, you will be pushing against the surface of the wing instead of the rubber bladder tank. This helps to prolong the life of the bladder, especially on older tanks.

The B187 replacement bladder fuel drain is still available.  To purchase the entire bladder tank kit, contact Floats and Fuel Cells: 901-842-7110.  FAA & PMA Approved 


Aviation Bladder Valves: Fuel Drain Valve Replacement | Saf-Air - blatter-valve

  • Fuel-resistant Viton® o-ring
  • Push to test against the wing surface
  • Material: Valve 360 Brass, Housing Stainless
  • Finish: Cadmium Plated
  • Temperature: -60° to +260°F (-51° to +127°C)
  • O-Rings: M83248/1
  • Pressure: 60 PSI max

To order a replacement bladder valve for your Piper, Beechcraft or Cessna, please visit our distributor list and place an order with your preferred provider. Or, for more information about our products, contact us today to speak to a representative.